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100% Plant-Based. We use organic produce. We are dairy-free, gluten-free, refined sugar-free and completely free of chemical additives. Freshly prepared and made on-site daily. Which means everything you are putting into your body is good. And everything you get out of it will be good.

KOJO Urban


The Future we are making

KOJO believes in giving back more than it takes, which is why we are developing local Kommunity Gardens, as a key source for our plant-based menu.


Our Promise

is to do as plants do...

To reach for the sky, taking only what nature provides. Adapting to our local environment.

Always giving back, and providing what is needed to help each other thrive.

We Be-leave

Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes

KOJO is born out of a passion for nutrition, through a plant-based diet. Creating a menu that can do good for ourselves as well as our planet, that places us at the centre of a growing kommunity who are prioritising the health of the environment in order to protect our own health. It’s a simple belief based on the premise that you get out what you put in - that it’s no coincidence that the best way to look after our own health is to look after the health of the planet.

Our Mission is to provide a nutritious and a good feel dining experience by utilising the worlds plants and creating delicious food whilst delivering our customers with a koltured feeling of equality.

Alina & Michael